Study program

The Architecture and Urban Design Summer School offers courses on architectural and design topics in an urban setting. The program is unique in that it takes place at two universities – Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences and the University of Art and Design Offenbach. The summer school classes are taught by professors at both universities.

Classes are taught in a block style and meet daily in the morning and afternoon. The Architecture and Urban Design module consists of 60 contact hours and is worth 5 ECTS points.

Take a look at the course description for more information about the study program.

Course Description

Frankfurt am Main and Offenbach am Main form a common metropolitan area; however, each city has a specific and very different character due to different migration cultures. Offenbach am Main is a classic working-class city with a high proportion of international people living there. Since the last Venice Architecture Biennale in 2016, Offenbach has been described as a city of migration; an “arrival city.” Frankfurt am Main, on the other hand, is characterized by the seat of many national and international banks. The mixture of down-to-earth and bourgeois population, immigration from different cultures, and international trading world shapes a cityscape in which high-rise buildings naturally have their place.

The overarching theme of the summer school is the comparison between the cities of Frankfurt and Offenbach, where the interpretation of urban spaces by different groups can be examined and elaborated on in terms of design and planning.

During the summer school, students will compare two city centers:

  • Frankfurt, Neue Mainzer Straße
  • Offenbach, S-Bahn Station Marktplatz

The locations are positioned in the middle of both cities and are heavily used as transit zones. Both city centers do not offer pedestrians possibility of appropriation. In addition to their importance as a traffic space, they have only a few identity-creating qualities and are not the focus of public perception.

Summer school participants will study the historical origins of these two urban spaces and explore the needs that public spaces should satisfy. Approaches from architecture and design research will be considered; students will analyze spatial definitions, structures, design, and usability. Furthermore, students will compare these observations with corresponding situations from their home countries. Finally, participants will make suggestions for redesigns or additions to the city centers, referring to appropriation of space and public-oriented design elements.

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Credits and Assessment

The Architecture and Urban Design Summer School is a three week program. The academic module includes 60 contact hours and is worth 5 ECTS points.

Learning will be assessed at the end of the summer school in the form of presentations.

All participants will be issued a Certificate of Participation and a Transcript of Records during the closing ceremony at the end of the summer school. Your Transcript of Records will show one grade for the academic module and the ECTS points awarded. The Transcript of Records is signed and stamped by both Frankfurt UAS and the University of Art and Design Offenbach. This document can be given to your home university for recognition of credits.